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Dried fruit nectar Torshiz - kashmar raisins - about us

Dried fruit nectar Torshiz opened by Mr. Ali Pour premier in k ashmar .manufacturer of high quality raisin city of Kashmar.
Kashmar in Khorasan Razavi .
All product on this collection is:
Green privileged raisins, golden raisins privileged, Pykamy green raisins, golden raisins Pykamy, typical green raisins And Golden Raisins normal
Produced on Finest Raisins of Kashmar. Our experience helped organic products and healthy produce and can grow on a large scale. We can send our products to any place in the world according to their tastes.
All products from planting to harvest time be supervised by agricultural experts.
We try to use the latest agricultural machines. To produce the best raisins And deliver to you. Fresh and healthy and high-quality raisins want from us. You Deserve The Best